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Is the IRS calling?  Have you received an IRS tax notice?  You need a Tax Attorney!

A Tax Attorney can help you settle your tax problems. IRS Tax Defenders represents taxpayers Nation-wide, helping with IRS tax lienslevieswage garnishmentspenalties, settle payroll taxesfiling delinquent returns and IRS audits.  Contact us to discuss your IRS tax debt relief plan.

The experienced Tax Lawyers and Consultants at IRS Tax Defenders are here to help you — now, before the problems you face get worse. Contact us today for a Free Consultation to discuss your IRS tax debt relief plan.

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Need A Tax Attorney and Tax Relief?

If you have experienced an IRS levy, wage garnishment, IRS lien, asset seizure or audit you need a tax lawyer. 

A tax lawyer, also called a tax attorney, can interpret tax law and work with the IRS to help you get the relief you deserve.

Tax Lawyers Helping You Get Tax Relief.

Whether you are dealing with Federal or State Tax Issues, a tax attorney at IRS Tax Defenders can help you settle your IRS problems. 

A tax attorney can work to help you understand tax law issues — filing back taxes, IRS auditslienslevieswage garnishmenttax penalties, and to settle payroll taxes. 

Who Do You  Want? A Tax Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent?

Tax Lawyers (i.e., tax attorneys) have the ability to represent you in a court of law. 

A tax attorneys acts as a tax law counselor and advises you regarding your rights, responsibilities and recommends a course of action based on the facts of your case and our knowledge of the law.

Contact a tax lawyer at IRS Tax Defenders to discuss your IRS tax debt relief plan.

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  • We gather all necessary information from you about your tax problem and analyze the information.
  • We gather information from the IRS and analyze the information.
  • We gather financial information from you and analyze the financial information.

Discuss Your Options! 

  • We develop a custom approach for your individual situation.
  • We develop your strategy through review of your tax problem, the relevant tax law and your financial information.

Let's Put Your Plan Into Action!

  • Our goal is to reduce your taxes to as low a number as legally possible.

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